Going to Your Horses First Show

Your horses first show is practically always an  interesting experience. Having all of these new sounds and smells in a new place is quite over whelming for practically any horse, young or old. But, there are quite a few ways to make this unfamiliar environment a breeze for both horse and rider.

One of the best ways to make your horses first show semi effortless is to take them to the place where the show is being held a week or so before, if it’s possible. Whether it’s just walking your horse around or schooling some jumps, this will be beneficial. Having your horse feel at least a bit of comfort in the environment is favorable.

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Another thing that can help is Aloe Vera juice and Ranitidine. The Aloe juice is a naturally cooling liquid that is fed to a lot of high anxiety horses. It is mainly used to help prevent ulcers and cool the stomach. Ranitidine is an anti acid that is used for humans but is also safe for your horse. The best way to feed this calming combination is to find a container of some sort and add 10 to 20 Ranitidine pills to it. After that, add a good amount of Aloe Vera juice. The pills should be swimming in juice. Shake or stir the mixture ever 15 or so minutes until the pills are all dissolved. Then, take a syringe and give it to your horse orally. Something else that you can try is mixing the pills and Aloe into your horses grain. This combination can wear off in an hour or two, so do not expect long term affects. Of course, there are other things you can buy to help keep your horse calm and focused that are more long term. Either Ulcer Guard or Cool & Calm can be used, typically found at your local tack supply store or online. These are more expensive options, but they are frequently more long term and effective.

Your horses first show is typically going to be one hell of a time. But as long as you are prepared, you’ll have a great outing. Maybe you’ll even come home with a few ribbons!

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