Finding the Right Barn

Whether you’ve been riding for years or you’re just starting out, finding a barn that fits your needs can be difficult. Not only that, but it can also be extremely tenacious when approached incorrectly. There are a few main steps to figuring out what kind of barn you will fit best with.autumn camera 2017 2018 118

First, make a check list. What do you want in a barn? Do you want it to be somewhere you can just start out or do you want it to be long term? Will it cater to your current needs? These are things to consider with complete and utter honesty. Write everything down that you want. Then you can check off things when it comes to step two, finding a barn. When looking for a barn in your area, take a few things into account. Just looking at online reviews may not be enough. Asking around on online forums and in your community. Figure out what barns are reputable and credible.

Step three: Go and watch a lesson at each barn you’ve picked. Meet some of the people that ride there and figure out if going back for a lesson is worth it. Get personal account of how the barn works. If you end up going back to ride at that barn make sure you thoroughly enjoy the things being taught and the teaching style. Having someone yell at you constantly may not be worth it long term, even if the facility is incredible.

Whenever you think you’ve found a barn that suits you, do even more research. Make sure you’re getting the most out of your money and are going to thrive as an equestrian there. The best trainers are typically quiet and are involved in the equestrian community around them. You want a valuable relationship with your trainer and everyone at their barn. Don’t settle for the first barn you find but when it feels right, go with it.

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