Inexpensive Riding Apparel

Money seems to be tight with all of us equestrians. Finding reliable but relativity cheap riding apparel that is inside of your budget can seem rare, but it’s not impossible.

One of the best brands I’ve come across is Kerrits. They cover practically everything at a fraction of the cost of other retailers. Their breeches range from $30 to $150 and last at least years while still being used multiple times a week. I personally own more than five pairs of all types of their breeches. Ranging from winter, to Ice-Fil, to many more kinds and styles. Kerrits offers breeches for everyone. Their shirts and jackets are just the same. They come in a large variety of colors and sizes. The jackets especially last forever and are very flattering as well. Typically they come with at least one pocket and some sort of zipper to increase versatility. Along with all of their everyday riding apparel, Kerrits also has many options within their show clothing line. Show jackets, gloves, shirts, you name it. Kerrits has it!


Another affordable brand is Saxon. They have a wide variety of boots ranging from field boots, to dressage boots, to paddock boots of all kinds and sizes. Their boots range anywhere from $30 to $100. This price range covers everything you could possibly want in every size desirable. Their paddock boots comes in either black or brown and zip up or lace. They’re extremely reliable but do typically need to be replaced yearly if taken through all your barn chores. I personally only ride/show in my field boots and do chores in my paddock boots. As most boot brands do, their sizes run slightly smaller than normal. This cost-effective brand not only has a phenomenal line of boots, but they also carry half chaps and turnout sheets/blankets. Both of these items are just like their riding boots. Extremely reliable in all kinds of weather and easy to clean while still being affordable.

Half chaps that are moderately priced can be few and far between. But a brand that has lasted me over two years while staying economically priced and respectable will always be Ovation. My favorite style that they carry has consistently stayed the Ovation EquiStretch II Half Chaps. They mold to your legs and clean up pleasantly. These chaps look professional and are lovely for everyday riding use without being exceedingly expensive. Ovation carry’s over eight styles of half chaps that are made from either suede or leather. Being no more than $60 for a pair, this economical brand caters earnestly to all shapes and sizes.


Protection from the elements is crucial for the utmost comfort. As equestrians we are constantly battling sun, rain, and other types of weather. Assuring your comfort from potentially flagrant climates can come from one simple thing: Hats! Picking up hats can be tenacious because there are so many options. But, there are a few brands that have the most flattering and functional hats. The Ariat Team II Ball Cap Hat can be found on many online stores and is one of my personal favorites. It’s surprisingly easy to adjust and fits comfortably. Another great hat that I’ve found lots of success with is the American Equus Signature Vintage Logo Hat. Coming in white, black, and tan this hat is exceptionally easy to clean. Not only that but I have never had such a comfortable or easy-to-adjust hat. It’s simple but flattering all in the same place. I constantly get compliments on both hats of these mentioned. Each of them range from $15 to $20 and are totally worth the purchase. Not all styles or brands will work for everyone. But, Saxon, Kerrits, and Ovation are highly recommended and relied on by many people, including myself.


*This article is not sponsored

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