Inexpensive Riding Equipment & Tack

One thing equestrians love doing is spending money on their horses. We seem to love buying our equine partners new things constantly. Spending your money wisely on reliable products can be a bit of a blind spot sometimes. Here is a guide to help ensure customer satisfaction.


Yet another well known brand that can be found everywhere. Roma products are sold online and in tack stores all over the globe. They carry grooming supplies, saddle pads, protective boots, fly masks, and many more essential equestrian products. Their Gel Open Front Boots are some of the best and most cost effective jumping boots I’ve ever used. Not only that, but my sensitive backed OTTB mare goes like an absolute dream in the Roma Reversible Soft Saddle Pad. It’s a relatively thick pad that’s helped with not only my saddle fit but it also making my mare pleased to work. The color is still vibrant after being washed quite a few times and it never slips (even without billets).img_9886-e1549161975727.jpg

Henri De Rivel

A well known but relativity inexpensive brand that strives to please it’s customers is Henri De Rivel, better known as HDR. They carry all kind’s of saddles, bridles, and other tack that looks professional and is well made. Their products are easy to fit to your horse are true to both size and color. Coming in an average of four main colors, none of their merchandise bleeds or fades with cleaning or extensive use. On the price scale they are more on the average side than inexpensive as some HDR bridles can be $100 or more and their saddles can retail up to as much as $1,000. Don’t let this detur you though. HDR products last for ages and are easy to clean. They have a reputation for well made products that continues to be upheld.



*This article is not sponsored.

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