Intro to Eventing: Finding a Trainer

To kick off your eventing journey you must start with finding a suitable trainer or instructor. Begin by doing a quick Google search for event barns in your area. Scroll past the first listings until you find actual websites. The first two pages of search results will be your best bet in this situation. Click on all relevant links and figure out how far away each barn is from you and your horse. To stay organized, you may want to start a word document to keep track of all the barns you look at. In said word document list each barn and how far away they are from you. In order to narrow down what you’ve found, you should eliminate barns that are more than 30 minutes away from you or your horses’ accommodations. Once you’ve narrowed your list down, ask around and collect information about the barns that remain. A few barns should be gotten rid of in this step because of potentially dissatisfactory reviews. The lingering facility’s should be assessed in person before you take a lesson there.

8-3-2018 009

The best way to accomplish this is to arrange a time with the owner for you to come out and receive a tour. Most barn owners/mangers will also suggest that you watch a lesson as well. Take them up on the opportunity so you can evaluate the teaching style to see if it’s suitable. If you are not impressed nor satisfied with your experience at any of the remaining barns then take them off your list. Whichever barns have made it to the final cut should be put through a pro con list. Make sure you get down to all the nitty-gritty details before selecting a barn. In addition compose a pro con list and take a lesson there. If you are satisfied then continue your experience there. But, if anything is unacceptable or uncomfortable cross the barn off your list.

When finding an event trainer they need to meet all of your personal criteria. You’ll be spending a lot of time with them whether it be in lessons or at shows so your utmost comfort level needs to be met. Of course, no barn or person is perfect, but either way you need to take both your own needs and your horses needs into the absolute consideration.

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