Close to Home: Exciting News

The past two months have been both unfortunate and promising. The weather has been a huge exterminator to my typical riding time. Since Christmas, I’ve had multiple one to three week periods where the ground isn’t suitable to ride on. I’ve only been able to lunge or just spend some quality time with my OTTB. I don’t mind just doing groundwork, I really don’t, but every other winter that I’ve endured has been spent in a lovely indoor. I shouldn’t complain though, I’m leasing a lovely OTTB mare.

12222018 320

Speaking of my lease mare, I got some exciting news while on a skiing trip with my family. I have the opportunity to move her closer to home with an arena on site. I’ve found a barn that’s roughly 10 minutes away from my house that has pasture board openings. It’s run by a lovely lady with an astoundingly good reputation. I’m definitely keeping my hopes up on this one!

12222018 326

After all of that comes some more happy news. Our show season starts at the beginning of March! Diamond and I will be going to a jumper show just shy of 30 minutes away. We’ll compete in the 2′ and 2’3″ jumper classes in preparation for multiple upcoming clinics, camps, and horse trials!


*Horses name is changed for privacy reasons.

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