An Update & A Tribute

In my last blog post, I highlighted how our show season starts at the beginning of March as well as my lease mare being moved to a more convenient location. I was and still am extremely excited about both of these things. On the contrary, I’ve decided that maybe starting our show season later will be more beneficial.

12222018 021

My mare gets moved on March first to a new boarding facility. It’ll be a process bringing her back into work so I’ve decided to start our show season on March 23rd instead. This gives both of us plenty of time to get into the swing of things. Sometimes you’ve just got to make decisions like that. Truly, I didn’t want to scratch this show. I enjoy showing so much and wouldn’t want to miss a show for the world. In this case, I want to bring my OTTB back from winter in the best way possible. Maybe I’ll find another horse to ride at the show, who knows. The possibilities are endless!

12222018 034                12222018 033

All of the pictures attached to this update are of the lovely Bayou. All photos were taken by me a couple years ago when this boy was still hanging out in the field and teaching kids to love horses. Countless children would walk up to his 16+ hands fearlessly, touch his muzzle, and squeal as he gave them a shy but curious look. The most loved and caring OTTB that I’ve by far come in contact with. It’s been roughly two months since he passed from a freak pasture accident. Rest easy darling ❤




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