Horses & Humans: Feeding

Recently I’ve thought a lot about how we’re our feeding horses and how it’s similar to feeding ourselves. One of the main things I’ve come to question is: why do people eat three times a day? The average person seems to weight between 100 and 200 pounds. No matter your activity level, most people seem to squeeze in three (or more) meals a day. Horses typically weigh between 500 and 2,000 pounds and are fed between once and three times a day while being athletes.

Autumn Camera 2017 2018 079

I haven’t done much research on this topic until now. At first, I thought that it must be our conflicting digestive systems that held the answer to our eating differences. A human’s digestive tract is roughly 30 feet long but a horse has almost 100 feet of the digestive system. Adding to that, a person takes between six and eight hours to break down food. A horse can take between 30 minutes to 3 hours to digest food though. So, why are we feeding our horses the way we are?


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