Review: Roma Reversible Soft Saddle Pad

At a whopping $22.87, I was eager to try Roma’s Reversible Soft Saddle Pad out. I was perplexed at the fact that there were no billets as I’ve never used a saddle pad without them. A week after ordering it in Navy & Light Blue, the pad came: true to color and neatly packaged. The first time I used it, that perplexed feeling about the billets came back. My saddle didn’t slip at all! My mare enjoyed how fluffy and thick it was as well. After a couple of weeks of constant use, it was time for a much-needed wash. Drenched in dried sweat and dirt, I reluctantly threw the pad in the wash. It came out looking almost brand new, with only a couple of spots left behind from the sweat being embedded in it for so long (oops). 


Now, five and a half months later, I’m still using the same exact pad. Despite some sweat marks/stains on the underside, it looks great. I’ve been using it daily since October and it’s been washed twice since then. This pad dries out overnight and stays in place quite well. I would definitely recommend if you’re looking for a pad that’s thick, classy, easy to clean, and cheap!

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