“You’re horse won’t amount to anything…”

In late September 2018, I went to visit a local event barn. I watched a lesson and was very pleased with the teaching style. I was also immediately impressed with their well-maintained facility as well as the calm but enthusiastic demeanors of everyone I met.

After the lesson I watched ended, I made my way over to the owner. She didn’t teach lessons or ride, just tended to scheduling and gardening matters. We had a pleasant conversation and it was obvious that I was impressed with how well run these people and their horses were.


The women then asked about my horse and of course, I informed her about my lease mare of almost two months. In that moment, I realized that old dogs really can’t learn new tricks because this woman trashed (with a capital T) my horse. She told me, straight up, that my horse would never amount to much.

From there, the owner of this reputable event barn proceeded to indicate that my horse was not allowed on their property either. She said I could use one of their lesson horses for dressage but never my own mare. She tore me down as a rider, acting and treating me like garbage. She also tore down the very little (at the time) faith I had in this new horse of mine.


Here I am today, laughing at everything she said to me. In the past six months, I’ve brought the horse (that she trashed) up to be quite the dressage queen and jumping machine. And all I have to say is this: Cheers to the people that try to tear us down, they only make us stronger.

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