03/21/2019: Jump School Recap

My mare can be a bit of a… butt. She likes prancing and pawing while being tacked up and lunged before our daily rides. On Thursday (03/21/2019) though, she stood there, half asleep and just stretched out on the lunge like a dressage pony (not a pony though, she’s 17.1hh).

I hopped on, had a bit of a warm up, and started her over a couple cross rails. Jumping smaller verticles and cross rails is quite agonizing on this horse. To say the least, she’s a brat. As large as she is, she knows that she can throw a fit and still get over the jump. Once she got all of her shenanigans out at the cross rails and (in her mind) itty-bitty verticals, the height got moved up a bit.

Last year, we schooled 2’6″ quite frequently and she was pretty respectful of the jumps as that isn’t a height she could just throw herself over. On Thursday though, she felt like an absolute champ, almost a different horse. The jumps were raised to 2’6″ she just jumped it as if we’d been schooling that all of 2019.

She was feeling so good that I was fine with the jumps being raised continuously. Diamond was acting like we had been schooling these fences for years. She’s only schooled up to about 3′ so when she put in every single stride perfect to a 3’2″ single, I was shocked. She was so low-key chill about the whole session, which never happens.

Once I got off and stood next to the vertical, I realized that this horse was going places. Not every horse can handle her limits being pushed after hardly jumping this month/year. We’ve been schooling good sized fences but nothing this big. She made it seem easy, like it was effortless. Every day, this horse surprises me. She’s really been shaping into a well-rounded dressage horse even though she would rather be galloping around like a chicken with her head cut off and when we jump, she’s actually been focused, not so much of a scatterbrain.

One of my favorite quotes is: “Great things never came from comfort zones.” This really wasn’t in my comfort zone and it probably wasn’t in Diamonds, but it turned out pretty dang good.


*Horse’s name changed for privacy reasons.

















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