4/14/2019: Dressage

I had a great ride today. It wasn’t perfect but it was productive. Ike had some baby moments (I mean, he’s six) but it was still a good ride. We worked on leg yields and adjustability, two key things for an event horse. He tried his hardest to understand what I was asking and did a pretty good job.


I tried to stay away from being on a circle the whole time. We worked along the fence line, moved out across the diagonal, and went over a couple trot poles. These exercises are all things you’d find in a dressage test, preparing him for show season. I wish I knew a better way to explain the feeling because it just felt so natural. He was being such a gentleman. I would sit the trot for long periods of time and have him leg yield away from the fence and then back to it. Simple yes, but for this horse that can let his feet move his brain, it was a big step. I love riding these green ex-racehorses, it’s such an honorable and educational experience 🙂

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