Jill Treece: The +R Journey

Jill Treece, better known as JETequitheory by her followers and subscribers, is a 20-year-old, Arkansas born & raised, eventer and +R trainer. About six months ago, she found Positive Reinforcement or +R when her mare, Zoë, had to have emergency colic surgery and couldn’t be ridden for an extended period of time. Her journey into this new training technique has not been easy though. As an acclaimed YouTuber, Jill had to face the public and their opinion. In an interview, when asked what she struggled most with while starting +R, Jill says, “The public reception has probably been the most difficult thing honestly. I’m still new to this & learning as much as possible. Not everyone is open to new things and the switch from competitive eventer to +R trainer was confusing, I think, for a lot of people.” As time has passed, more of Jill’s followers have begun to accept the idea of her just enjoying Zoë and trying something new.

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Even with how negative the public has been towards Jill, she has still inspired many to think about using a more positive training approach. I’ve personally been watching her for over two years and since she started her +R journey, I’ve started mine too, learning a great deal from her videos and podcasts as well as the books and articles she has recommended.

About four months ago, Jill announced that she had been accepted for the 2019 Retired Racehorse Project (RRP) with a horse named Make it Work aka “Mac”. The four-year-old gelding is her boss’s horse, but Jill has been given the opportunity to train him in +R and compete him at the 2019 RRP.

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Even with many ups and downs in her +R journey, Jill has still managed to push through and encourage people to be open to change. She is currently working/living on her bosses farm and training OTTBs/rescues to be level headed riding horses while still going to university to pursue a major in Psychology. She thoroughly enjoys her work and continues to spread positivity to the online equine world with her great sense of humor and open mind.


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