An OTTBs First Ride Back After Stall Rest

Over the past four weeks, my OTTB has been on stall rest due to an infected cut on her leg and a 3-inch gash across her barrel, just left and a bit lower than her flank. Her leg swelled before she cut herself resulting in an extra couple days off. She cut herself the day before the vet was going to come out and ended up having two more weeks of stall rest and a third week with light turn out. The day she was supposed to get her stitches out, the vet had an emergency and couldn’t get out for another week. Finally, yesterday (4/26/2019) Diamond got her stitches out, yay!

Autumn Belanger Photography

Now that she’s all healed up, the vet cleared her for riding today (4/27/2019). I went out to the barn, super excited. She was practically falling asleep when I brought her up from the field and took a fat nap while I tacked her up. Currently, I’m experimenting with bitless dressage so I got her into our Pessoa Training System (a lunging aid that encourages the correct form and build up of topline muscle) with her just in a halter (a side pull).

Autumn Belanger Photography

Anyways, she was lunged in a halter then I rode in the halter. It went better than I expected honestly. Yes, there were some rough parts where I could’ve ridden better, but for her first ride in over a month, it was pretty dang successful. For anyone that has had to deal with a high anxiety/energy horse that just wants to work, you never know how the first ride back will go.


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