Off the Injury: Ride #7

(I know that recently I’ve been writing a lot about how Diva has been doing, but here’s another update.)

On Saturday (5/18/2019), there was finally a let-up in the endless rain and I was able to fit in a ride on Diva. This was only the seventh time I had ridden her since her being cleared by the vet. I love this horse with all my heart and seeing her start to really improve her flatwork just makes me beam.

Anyways, I started out by lunging Diva in our Pessoa Training System. I do this to get her warmed up and her head in work mode. After 15 minutes on the lunge, I took off the system and mounted up. I walked and trotted tons before starting to work over some trot poles. Diva was well behaved and stretching/going into a frame so I figured I would ask for a canter. I started on the left lead to maintain her relaxed disposition (it’s her preferred direction). She picked up the canter beautifully and I let her canter for a bit before coming back to walk and switching to tracking right.

I had her trot quite a bit to make sure that she was staying balanced and relaxed. After five minutes or so she offered me a right lead canter and of course, I took it. It was a tad bit rushed in the beginning but after a while, she became relaxed again. I let her canter some more before dismounting. It was mostly how nonchalant Diva was about everything that surprised me. She hadn’t a care in the world and acted as if she was able to act sane all the time.

Here’s some comparison to show her progress:






The morale of the story, Diva is coming back strong and I’m beyond proud of her!

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