There’s Never Going to be a Right First Horse.

When googling “what is the ‘right’ first horse for me?”, you’ll never come up with an answer. You can rephrase the question and write it differently as many times as you want, but you won’t ever come up with an answer. This is because of the one simplicity that humans are forced to accept: diversity. We love the thought of the concept but deep down we tend to be afraid of the fact that we’re all different. Whether you can accept the concept of diversity or not, it’ll always bite you in the butt when it comes to shopping for either a lease horse or your own mount. 

KATE 092

I’ve run into this issue when being faced with the fact that the woman I lease from wants us to either buy or full lease Diva. I’d love to buy her, but as a minor, I can’t legally do that. Because of this, the decision is not only up to me but also my mom. I love her to pieces but she keeps telling me that full leasing is a bad investment (I get that) and buying isn’t really an option. She thinks Diva is a safety hazard, the incorrect first horse, and won’t have an attitude change. In reality, I’ve dedicated almost a year of my life to this horse and can fully and completely tell you that all three of those things are not true. Most people wouldn’t click with her, but in some weird way, I do.

KATE 161

I know others have felt my pain and will continue to. The only piece of advice I can give is that you’ll never find the ‘right’ first horse but you will find a horse that you click with. The horse you end up with is going to have issues and you’ll find bumps in the road. It won’t be easy but those are just hills that you need to get over.

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