Well, we all knew this was coming. On May 25th I found out that my lessor responded back to an add of someone wanting a jumper. A friend of a friend told me and as any sane person would, I texted my lessor immediately. Diva wasn’t up for sale. But then on May 30th, she was sold to a girl that could ride her but to an extent. Not my horse, no longer my problem. I know that sounds harsh, but our lease situation was a very sketchy one from the start.

Anyways, May was my last month with Diva. Lots of tears were shed but it was for the best. We had hit a plateau in her training and she was meant to go elsewhere. I needed a horse that was consistent as much as I need a lessor that was consistent. I love Diva with all my heart, but we were never meant for each other.

“I’m on a roller coaster that only goes up, my friend.”


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