Trying Horse #2…or Not?

At 5:30 last night I was pulling my breeches on and making one last phone call before hopping in the car to go try out a potential lease option. My phone call was to the lady who owned the horse, well actually the pony, to get her address. She picked up on the last ring and proceeded to tell me that she was too busy tonight to meet. Annoyed, I texted a friend of mine who knows the woman personally asking if this was typical behavior for her. Of course, the answer was yes.

“Plan B….” I thought. What was Plan B though? I decided that Plan B was texting Frankie’s owner to see if she was alright with me coming out and spending some time with him on the ground. Frankie is one of the horses I previously tried out that I liked, so I figured it would be good to get to know him on the ground a little bit more. The owner was cool with it so I continued my trek out the door, sugar cubes in hand.

10 minutes later, I pulled up in front of my dressage Trainers facility and hopped out of the car with my grooming bucket. Frankie, in a stall about halfway down the left side, was standing contently munching on hay. After an hour of grooming, cuddling, and doing a bit of +R with him, I decided to head home. I was feeling very relaxed despite my previous blood pressure spike due to being canceled on last minute. I was also feeling like I had found my new horse.


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