Fate and Only Fate.

Frankie came to us by fate, I swear. In early May, my trainer gave me a call and told me that a boarder of hers was looking to lease a horse out. I politely declined her offer as I wasn’t interested at the time. A few short weeks later, I was looking for another horse to lease and came across Frankie. A 12-year-old OTTB whose add said that leasing wasn’t an option. On a limb, I replied to the add and ended up with a response saying that yes, half leasing could be an option.

KATE 147
Autumn Belanger Photography

The next part of the email read, “Are you the Autumn that rides with Cathy?” Surprised, I answered yes and explained my situation. Not even a week later, I had a lesson scheduled on Frankie so I could try him out.

I was only casually looking for another lease and was contemplating taking some time off from riding. The confidence I had in myself (as both a rider and a trainer) was at an all-time low and I wanted to find joy in horses, not hardship and heartbreak. I wanted it to be fun and a community, not a solitary chore. I agreed to try Frankie out anyways, still not knowing he was the horse my trainer very kindly called me about a month before.

KATE 299
Autumn Belanger Photography

Fast forward to today, 06/16/2019, where I had my sixth ride on Frankie. We’ve taken him on a trial lease to see if he’s a good fit for me. I couldn’t say it more happily that this horse is something special. He tries his heart out and takes everything in stride. A nervous wreck at times but a total sweetheart, Frankie seems to have found a place in my heart.

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