Jocelyn Moore: Behind the Ribbons and Titles

Out of all of the people I’ve interviewed, Jocelyn Moore has been one of the most inspiring. At 15 years old, she has a clear-set-path to the bigger goal in mind: the Olympics. She says, “My biggest motivation is just believing I can make it [to the Olympics]. I’ve wanted to go since I was little and just the idea of competing in the biggest arena at the biggest event is very appealing.”

With the help of her parents and trainers at KRE Show Horses, Jocelyn is well on her way to becoming an Olympian. She owns 16-year-old Arabian Gelding, TR Silver Fortune, and leases Fioniex, a 9-year-old Arabian gelding. She has helped give both horses extensive dressage training, riding and competing regularly. She dedicates her life to these horses and her Olympic dreams, riding four days a week and being at the barn roughly four hours each of those days.

As teenagers, we all had big dreams, some realistic and some only dreams. Jocelyn has big dreams and is making them a reality, an incredibly dedicated young woman if I say so myself.


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