Confidence & a Relationship On The Ground.

On Saturday night (7/13/2019) Frankie and I had a pretty scary accident. We were walking next to a canal and when I went to turn him around so we could go home, he stopped and backed up straight into the canal. He couldn’t get very far as there was 2 1/2 feet of mud there as well, but we were both pretty shaken. I did an emergency dismount while he was trying to get back out of the canal & we both walked home physically unscathed. Now, two days later, there are a few very minor scrapes on his left front leg. They don’t affect his movement or soundness at all.


We were both very lucky to leave with no major injuries and I’m happy to say that Frankie is still sound. Mentally though, we’re both pretty shook. It was a really scary “walk on the lifeline” for both of us. I had a lesson this morning that went well, but it will be our last scheduled ride for a bit. I think that we (aka I) need to take a step back and reestablish our relationship on the ground. Starting from the ground up, again.

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