Why You Should Never Buy an OTTB With Someone Else’s Baggage.

People love Off the Track Thoroughbreds or ‘OTTBs’. They thoroughly enjoy the idea of ‘saving’ a horse from an unknown fate if they’re not fast enough to make it in the racing industry. There are plenty of trainers that buy horses straight off the track, train them, then sell them for a pretty solid amount of money.

As a teenager, I’m riding lots of OTTBs. They’re really fun horses, except when they have someone else’s baggage. I’ve learned this the hard way by leasing two different OTTBs. They were both passed around by three different owners before they found me. Horses like this have so many underlying issues, whether it be an abusive past, ulcers, or incorrect training if they didn’t land in the correct hands.

This is my advice to fellow OTTB lovers out there: Don’t buy an OTTB that’s been passed around by three different people who either abused or trained the horse incorrectly. Fixing someone else’s problems that they’ve unloaded onto a horse is almost to hard to unwind. I rode a Linsey Burns mare for a year, but what the horse could’ve been was mostly ruined by two extremely aggressive owners.

If you’re going to buy an OTTB that isn’t straight off the track, make sure you know and understand every single detail of their past that you can find. I’ve learned (the hard way) that trying to fix messed up horses is like trying to tell an alcoholic what their problem is.

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