Photography Portfolio

This is something different that I don’t typically do. I thoroughly enjoy photography so here are some things I’ve captured over the past few years.

12222018 023   Just a lovely barn hen posing for the camera.

12222018 017   Kyra waiting to be caught after turnout last fall.

12222018 314   My lovely OTTB giving us her ‘crazy eyes.’

12222018 026   Galley sunbathing, cool as a cucumber.

12222018 019   Romeo sporting his overgrown forelock.

Autumn Camera 2017 2018 057   Percy giving us a look at his big, dirty nose.

Autumn Camera 2017 2018 043   Butterscotch taking a nice roll in winter snow.

Autumn Camera 2017 2018 051   The mares showing off their beauty.

Autumn Camera 2017 2018 113   Percy being ridden by his fantastic owner.

Beating Mondays 031   Ike & Amelia going for a midsummers day ride.


Photoshoot 1 020         Photoshoot 1 027

Above are Amelia and her lovely Tennesse Walking Horse, Gracie. She’s a 14.2hh mare that has been with Amelia’s family for the past 2 1/2 years. These pictures are from one of my favorite days that I’ve spent with these two: one of our many photoshoots about a year ago in early February.









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