Trying Horse #1

On 6/1/2019 I tried a 12 year old Thoroughbred gelding registered by the name of Frantic, barn name “Frankie”. He has some vices (pawing and being a bit mouthy) but other than that, the horse is perfect. He’s build like a truck and a bit chubby but is an absolute sweetheart. He can be a bit nervous sometimes but really knows his stuff. He does flying changes and stretches/goes into frame quite easily. The perfect horse for me? Yes.

The situation gets coincidental though. A couple weeks ago my Dressage trainer called me about this horse. He was a really good horse and her client was looking to lease him out. I was flattered, but at the time I was still with Diva. Then last week, when I really realized Diva was no longer going to work, I started looking for horses again.

I ran across Frankie’s add and even though it said he wasn’t for lease, I went out on a limb. The owner ended up being game for leasing him out and I tried him yesterday. Come to find out, the horse my trainer called me about and Frankie were the same horse. Fate? Maybe, probably.

I am trying out other horses, but Frankie is 10/10 a perfect horse for me and I am wanting to go back to ride him again. Who knows, maybe he’s the one!?

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